5 Reasons We Don’t Read the Bible to Our Kids

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I went to Bible college (graduated as Valedictorian even), but it’s still hard for me to read the Bible to my kids.

There. I admitted it.

And my guess is, I’m not the only one who struggles with this.

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As I was thinking about this post, I brainstormed a few reasons that many of us struggle to read the Bible to our kids.

Reasons We Don’t Read The Bible to Our Kids:

  • Maybe we struggle to read it to them because we don’t read it ourselves. (Ouch, right?) 

We all know that our kids will follow our example more than our words, so the truth is, if we want them to read their Bibles, they need to see us reading ours as well.

SOLUTION: It’s hard to pass along a habit you don’t have, so the antidote to this one is simple: start reading the Bible yourself.

  • Maybe we struggle because we don’t have an age-appropriate Bible to read to them. 

There are A TON of children’s Bibles out there, so if your child doesn’t particularly enjoy one, try another. I love the Jesus Storybook Bible for younger kids because of how it brings every single biblical story back to Jesus. The Story is also a great one to check out. It has versions for babies all the way up to adults.

SOLUTION: Find a Bible your child enjoys reading.

  • Maybe we struggle because it’s hard to get them to sit still.

Does anyone else out there have super active boys? Sometimes, my boys just aren’t interested in reading ANYTHING!

SOLUTION: Honestly, there are going to be times when they won’t sit still. That’s just part of it. (And, if your child has a medical condition that makes it impossible for him or her to sit still, you might need to figure out another creative, active way to learn the Bible.)

BUT, one way to battle this is to give them plenty of opportunities before Bible reading time when they can play and run and get some of that energy out. Also, make the Bible story fun. Use fun voices. Act things out. Sing songs.

  • Maybe we struggle because we don’t think we have enough time. 

This is one of my struggles, especially as my boys have gotten older and have begun participating in sports or other activities throughout the week.

SOLUTION: If this is something you too struggle with, you might want to consider moving your Bible reading time from before bed to after breakfast when things are less likely to change. Or, if mornings are hectic, you might consider moving it to right after rest time or right after lunch or right after you finish school for the day. Look in your schedule for times that are consistently available and move your Bible reading time to that slot.

It’s quite possible that you really don’t have enough time. Maybe your schedule is too full. If this is the case, it might be time to rethink your priorities. If Bible reading on a daily basis is important to your family, you might need to let some other things go.

  • Maybe we struggle because we’re making it harder than it needs to be. 

A lot of us struggle because, quite honestly, we’re making it too hard. We think we need to have a detailed plan or a certain Bible or a better understanding of Scripture ourselves before we can teach our children.

The truth is, we don’t need to understand the entire Bible to read it with our kids. We don’t need to have a detailed plan. We don’t need to have a certain Bible (though finding one your kids like will help).

All we need to have is a willing heart.

SOLUTION: Start today. Grab a children’s Bible off your shelf, pick a time that should work for your family on most days, and then start reading.

What other reasons do you think people struggle to read the Bible to their kids? Why do you struggle? What solutions have you found to help?

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