The Chart that saved my sleep…and sanity!

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A couple weeks ago I received some new charts from the Victoria Chart Company. Now, we have tried charts in the past and they did well in the beginning, but fizzled out after a week or so. The novelty wore off rather quickly. Even with incentives, they didn’t stick. So I must be completely honest…I was more than a little leery when approached about this review. But after reading over the information that came with the charts, I was optimistic.

Are you sleep-deprived? Is your sanity in question at the end of the day? Check out these charts from Victoria Chart Company and get back your life and help your kids too! ::

I am happy to report, we have successfully used both charts for a week now. The kids absolutely LOVE them and show no signs of losing interest anytime soon. First thing I did was get the charts out one at a time, away from the kids, and read through the instructions and suggested ideas. Then I hung them up in our school room area, so the kids would see them every day. My hope was that seeing them daily would remind them of the tasks at hand and the rewards they would be missing out on, should they not cooperate.

Are you sleep-deprived? Is your sanity in question at the end of the day? Check out these charts from Victoria Chart Company and get back your life and help your kids too! ::

Good Night, Sleep Tight Chart

For several months now, my daughters (4 & 5) have decided that sleeping at night was optional. And that bedtime was time to get hyped up and play, talk or have a “party” in their room. It became increasingly frustrating when I was sick and got little to now sleep because of my own health issues and I realized just how far we had let things slide, because it was easier. But it was time to get back on track, get it under control and get them back on a more structured schedule.

What I like about this chart

  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Great instructions and ideas for using the chart
  • Colorful, so it catches and keeps their attention
  • Its not just about bedtime – this chart follows up the bedtime routine with overnight disciplines as well
  • Reusability – you can easily peel off the stickers at the end of the week and use the charts again!
  • Reinforcement – the chart reinforces the bedtime routine we are trying to establish and maintain

What my girls like about the chart

  • The stickers – The girls LOVE being able to put their own stickers on the chart as they complete each bedtime routine
  • The colors – The girls have talked several times about the colors both on the chart and the stickers

Overall, this chart has helped make miraculous strides in our bedtime and overnight routine. This week, we are adding the additional bonus of a SURPRISE! If the girls get their stickers every night and morning for the entire week – they will get to choose a special treat. I am hopeful that will continue our new, better bedtime routine!

Are you sleep-deprived? Is your sanity in question at the end of the day? Check out these charts from Victoria Chart Company and get back your life and help your kids too! ::

My Growing Up Chart

I was given a second chart to use with my 5 and 6 year old. Lately we have been struggling with attitudes about school and during school. They have been reluctant to start school at a reasonable hour. I’m not too particular about the start time for them, since they’re just in 1st grade and both of them like their sleep, which I feel is important as well (especially for those two). However, I do require happy kids during school time and somehow we got in to the habit of unhappy attitudes. I was so excited to receive this chart and get started with it.

What I like about the chart

  • Quick & Easy to set up
  • Easy to follow instructions and ideas for using the chart
  • Colorful stickers, which can be moved and even customized
  • Reusable – the stickers can be moved around, changed and adapted to whatever you need to focus on at the time
  • Visual – the chart is a visual reminder of what I expect out of them each day we school.

What the kids like about the chart

  • The stickers – again, stickers are a big hit with the Middles.
  • The rewards – I set the rewards this first week, which were small because we’re just starting out. But they are excited to start choosing their own rewards (with help and guidance) in the coming weeks.
  • The independence – Mister Mouse (6) likes to be able to get up, get himself dressed and work on his school work to earn a sticker for himself that day. Slowly but surely it is fostering independence in him. Miss Priss (5) isn’t far behind either.

In the past week, this chart has made a HUGE difference in our homeschool days. We still have a ways to go, but I’m pleased with our progress in just one week with these charts. In fact, last night my girls stayed in their beds, never called out and didn’t get up in the middle of the night (except to go potty)!! That is a FIRST for them – without warnings!!! I got a full nights sleep in what seems like forever and today I feel GREAT!

Overall, these charts have been a Godsend. They have given me hope that my kids will actually leave the nest one day with a well-rounded homeschooling experience and a non-sleep deprived Momma. Thank you, Victoria Chart Company!!

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