Women Living Well review and Giveaway

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Several months back, the opportunity presented itself for me to be on the launch team for a new book by Courtney Joseph of Women Living Well. I have kept up with her blog for the past few years and enjoy reading her God-honoring, insightful and timely posts. I feel like she’s my “older” sister in Christ that speaks directly to my soul and the season of life I am currently treading through.

I sent in my application, fully expecting to be rejected. I mean…she has thousands of followers and why would I be chosen for this book review and launch team. So imagine my surprise when I received the email telling me I was “in”!!! I was beyond elated to see that I was indeed chosen. I received an advanced copy of the book (in pdf form) and a copy of the companion guide to read in return for promoting the book and an honest review.

It didn’t take long to figure out why I was chosen. It was God-ordained!!! He knew how much I needed this book and study. He knew how much I was struggling in my walk with Him. And He knew Courtney’s words, given to her by the Holy Spirit, would speak directly to my heart. Although I have not finished the book, I have already been blessed beyond measure by the chapters I have read. I have enjoyed taking my time and really soaking up what the Lord wants to teach me through this book.

Courtney has thoughtfully and prayerfully divided the book into four parts: Your Walk with the King, Your Marriage, Your Parenting and Your Homemaking. Notice the order of these sections? Our walk with the King is the MOST important thing in our life. If it’s not our first priority, the other parts of our lives will simply fall apart. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but eventually your life will spiral out of control and the only way out of that spiral is through Jesus Christ.

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Recently I have been struggling with having a consistent quiet time. A time when I can read my Bible, meditate on God’s Word and offer up prayers of praise and petition to Him. Courtney challenged me to find the time and make it work. Life is always going to be busy, crazy and hectic – especially when kids are involved – and it takes effort, a real effort to carve out the time to spend with God.

In her book Courtney says, “When we are stressed, we can look to a lot of things to feed our souls…but anything less than God himself will leave our souls unsatisfied.” (35). That quote hit me hard. It literally struck me to the core. All too often, I let myself get worked up over the littlest things and rather than seeking God’s guidance and wisdom, I turn to other sources. And it’s true, I am left completely unsatisfied and wanting more. But unless I ask for more of Him, the vicious cycle of never-ending unsatisfaction will continue.

In the first section, Courtney posed these questions, “Is your soul, your spirit, the real you, pacified by worldly things, or entirely satisfied in Jesus? Can you say you are full, content, all requirements met by Jesus alone?” (34). That is exactly what I want!! I don’t want to be satisfied by worldly things. I want to be satisfied by the only one who can truly satisfy – Jesus Christ.

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Can you see why this book is amazing?! And this is only the first section!!! I am soaking it up and taking it all in. I am learning from someone who has been where I am and is using it to encourage other women to drink from the living well!!! I’m telling you…this is one book you don’t want to pass up!!

The good news…Courtney is giving away a signed copy of her book to one lucky winner!!! Simply enter on the rafflecopter below!!

Want it now? You can purchase and download Women Living Well, Kindle edition today!!!

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This Post Has 9 Comments

  1. I struggle to find balance in all of my roles, and I struggle to keep God as the focus.

    1. Sounds like me!!! You would love this book too, @melissa_bell:disqus!!!

  2. Courtney’s blog is always encouraging to me so I really want to read her book!

    1. It is an amazing book! If you love her blog, you’ll definitely LOVE this book!!! Good luck, @disqus_7pt2y9TB4S:disqus!!

  3. I would love to win this book and use it as a conversational tool for a group in our area called MUMS ~ Mother’s Uplifting Mothers. I am one of the leaders to this group of amazing christian women who have come together to support each other in this day and age where it is easy to judge and be judged.

    1. @domdandev:disqus that sounds like an amazing group!! This book definitely lends itself to a group study. Good luck and thanks for entering!!

  4. I would love the book because I love her blog. I would love to have her suggestions with me in print.

    1. Her blog is amazing!!! I have really enjoyed the book so far and can’t wait to finish it!! I’m just soaking it all up! Good luck, @hollystreck:disqus!! 🙂

  5. I am struggling with many things and need to figure out how to let go and walk with God.

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