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Today is the first day of the Back-to-Homeschool Blog Hop!! I’m so excited to share with you what’s going on in our homeschool this year! A lot has changed since last year, so sit back and enjoy a little tour of our new space and read out our new homeschool changes.

I am SO EXCITED about this new school year! Join me as I share with you our new homeschool space and our new homeschool approach! ::

Last year was a pretty rough year for us all the way around. From my husband losing his job in November and us losing our daughter in December to moving to a new town, new home – it was quite the year. But now, we are mostly settled in to our new home and new ministry and it’s time to start school back up. Normally we homeschool year-round, but this year we had a lot going on so we took the much needed break.

New Space

Our new home is the church parsonage and is working out quite well as for the space needed to homeschool. It has been added on to on the back, so the original living room is now our dining/homeschool room. And I LOVE it!

I am SO EXCITED about this new school year! Join me as I share with you our new homeschool space and our new homeschool approach! ::

We have done a lot of arranging in this room to make it work, but I think I am happy with it now. My desk is in this room, which is large enough to hold my laptop as well as a second laptop we use for homeschooling and the printer sits squarely in the middle. We have all our current curriculum, which I will talk about the next couple days, above the homeschool laptop, so it is all in one location.

The tall white cabinet next to the desk houses all of our craft supplies, crayons, science project components, puzzles and a variety of other extras I like to have on-hand.

I am SO EXCITED about this new school year! Join me as I share with you our new homeschool space and our new homeschool approach! ::

Next to the china hutch, which by the way is a family heirloom that I am SO excited to have in my own house now! It was my Nannie’s (great-grandmother) and then my parents for the last 38+ years until a few months ago when it came to live in my house. I just LOVE it! It houses our own china from our wedding registry, my husband’s grandmothers china, my parents china and a few dishes from my Nannie. SO. MUCH. FAMILY. HISTORY. in that one hutch. It’s amazing!

I am SO EXCITED about this new school year! Join me as I share with you our new homeschool space and our new homeschool approach! ::

Back to our school room. Next to the hutch is our new Geography tool – a world map mounted on cork board. I’m so excited about our new approach to Geography! We are going to be studying different areas of the world where we know missionaries. More on this in a minute.

That pretty much sums up our “homeschool room” area. Now, before you think we don’t have any books…take a look at these AWESOME built ins we in the living room that was added on! SCORE!! It’s like a homeschool moms dream!

I am SO EXCITED about this new school year! Join me as I share with you our new homeschool space and our new homeschool approach! ::  I am SO EXCITED about this new school year! Join me as I share with you our new homeschool space and our new homeschool approach! ::

We have loaded the shelves with all our books and movies. Under the shelves, the cabinets house early readers, extra curricula, past curricula and other homeschool supplies. It serves as more of a library and works perfect for us right now!

New School

Even before all the issues and chaos arose in our life last year, we really struggled in our homeschool. It was a tough year all the way around. So over our break this summer, I have done a lot of reading and praying and chatting with other homeschool friends. I finally realized part of the reason our homeschool was not a success last year – it wasn’t fun. Now, I’m not saying the learning has to be all hands-on, full force FUN, but if its all boring paperwork and my nagging them to get things done, then it was doomed from the beginning.

So this year, we are taking a little different approach. We are going to be doing more child-led, delight directed homeschooling. So what does that mean? It means that my kids will largely determine what we study and for how long. Several weeks ago my oldest daughter, Miss Priss, decided she wanted to learn about the praying mantis. So we looked it up, read about it, watched videos, colored some pictures, drew pictures and you know what…she loved it. Every bit of it. She was so engaged and excited to listen and learn more about this new fascination. I believe God gave me that moment to affirm the decision for our new year.

As I mentioned earlier, we will be utilizing our new World Map on the wall for Geography. I hope it goes as well as I see it in my head. But, my plan is to teach Geography along side our Bible and prayer time as we pray for Missionaries we know around the world. I will introduce a new country or area each week for us to learn about, study and pray for the missionaries there. I think it will make our prayer time more meaningful as they make a personal connection to someone we know there.


As for planning our homeschool days, we will be using a unit study approach, which I plan to keep track with my handy-dandy Delightful Planning planner from Ben and Me. Oh how my Type A personality loves this planner! It has really helped my OCD, over-planning self feel much more comfortable about this new approach in our homeschool. It has also confirmed in me that I really can do it!

What homeschool method do you use?

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  1. I love the space! We are also trying to embrace a more delight-directed approach this year and I just read Marcy’s book the other day. It was delightful! I pray that your year is a more enjoyable one, filled with tons of family time that brings everyone closer to God.

    1. Thank you Lori! So far, we’re doing well. It takes some getting used to and some adjustment, but I’m sure this is the right choice and direction for us!

  2. Great site and resources you have here; thanks for the effort you obviously put into it!

    We have homeschooled for 15 years now, and absolutely adore every minute of it! That very first year was frustrating because we tried to recreate school at home, and well, that just didn’t work well for us. After some research we came across the unschooling method of homeschool, and what a difference it made for us! We asked them what they wanted to learn about, and then formed a full 4-6 week unit study based on what they wanted to learn about yet including aspects of every subject they needed to legally complete in our state. It’s been great! Then we take a 1-2 week vacation time to plan the next unit study. It gives them a mental break, and it keeps my sanity intact! Then we’re ready to dive off into the next thing!

    1. So glad you found something that works!! Congrats on the 15 years! I just hope I’m still sane by then! 😉
      Blessings, Annette

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