Using Everyday Objects to Teach Eternal Truth

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A Bible lesson does not have to be elaborate. Jesus used wheat. He used a child. He used a coin. I’m finding more and more that just a simple object, a simple objective, is all that is needed to teach a great Truth to my children.

Day 14: 30 Days of Bible ~ Did you know you can use everyday objects to teach lasting and eternal truths? See how easy it is with these simple tips. ::

I teach Bible lessons to my own children, but I also teach other people’s children. I am passionate about what I teach and I really believe that kids can handle more Bible if we give it to them. We can teach the hard passages. We can explain that we do not understand everything about the scriptures. After all, we aren’t supposed to.

When I am developing a series of Bible lessons, such as through the book of Acts, I usually begin by reading through the scripture I want to teach. Then I pray. Then I mediate. I must learn the lesson myself before I can teach it.

While praying, I ask Jesus to show me an object that I can use to help teach his truth. Sometimes it is easy, such as a fishing net for the calling of the disciples. But other times, it takes time, trial and error, thought, and prayer to figure out what object would work best.

Other lessons of Truth begin with the object. You can easily do this with your children. Let’s try one!

Pick up a pair of scissors. What do you see? What are the parts? How does it move? How are they used? Who uses them?


Scissors are sharp. They are used to cut things. Handles make the blades move. Scissors can do good things such as prune plants, or cut hair. They can also be destructive and can cut our skin if we aren’t careful.

Scissors can be like our tongues. Psalm 52:2 says that your tongue devises destruction, like a sharp razor. Our words can cut and hurt, but they can also calm and heal. James 3:8 tells us that no one can tame the tongue; it is a restless evil and full of deadly poison. This is why we need Jesus. We are unable to tame our tongue, but with faith in Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit, then we can produce fruit of kindness and self-control.

When you think about it, any object from nature can be turned into an object lesson because everything was created by God and reflects some part of his attributes.

Take your children outside. Have each child search for something unusual that God created. Sit knee to knee in a circle and have your children describe each item. Then have them tell you how the item reminds them of God. I have a feeling you will have some interesting conversations!

Whether you design a lesson from scripture and then add an object, or begin with an object and then create a lesson, you will be teaching truth to your children. Open up the Bible. Search for truth on those pages. Be excited by what you find. God is not a god who hides. He desires to be found. He wants to reveal himself to you and your children.

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