Using Life Cycles to Promote Learning

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Are you looking at life cycles to help promote learning? A life cycle is simply the change in the life of an organism. There are many life cycles out there that can help promote learning in your homeschool. Shall we dig into some that will help your homeschool journey with life cycles?

butterfly just emerging from chrysalis

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Life Cycles to Promote Learning

You may be wondering what life cycles can promote learning? Well, any cycle that interests your homeschool family is a great one to focus on. The really cool part of homeschooling is that you can probably walk into your backyard and find some of these organisms and the changes they are going through. If you can’t find them, you can also read and study them, which is also really cool.

An Example: The Caterpillar

One of my favorite life cycle books to use in promoting learning is The Very Hungry Caterpillar. This book really gives us a look at what is happening inside the caterpillar’s life cycle.  At the end of the book, you could ask questions like “what changes did the caterpillar go through?” “What was the caterpillar turning into?” Of course, you can change the idea of the lesson if you have older kids. You can still promote learning while learning all about the caterpillar. You can have your kids watch the metamorphosis of the caterpillar to a butterfly, now that is exciting. 

Hands-On Learning

I think another reason I enjoy using life cycles to promote learning is that it’s such a hands-on process. Kids get to see the process with their eyes. If it’s the right lesson, they can also get hands-on. I think it’s also a great opportunity to build on for other lessons. You may start learning about the caterpillar but then your child gets super excited and wants to continue to learn about it. 

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butterfly cocoon hanging on tree with sunlight shining through overlay "Life Cycle Printables"

Opens a Discussion

So much of learning is done in workbooks and worksheets, but life cycles are one of those really fun opportunities to really promote learning. Not only can your child get hands-on, but they can also start a discussion with you. When a child gets curious about something, they will continue to ask questions about it, which will open a discussion. Studying a life cycle may turn into your kids wanting to learn even more and that is something great about learning. 

Understanding How the Earth Works

Life cycles are also something that every child at every age can learn. If you want to do a unit study with your homeschoolers, you can do it with everyone at the same time. Life cycles are a great way to understand how the creatures of the earth, work. They get to study organisms and animals and see how things grow, change, and adapt. Using life cycles for promoting learning allows for curiosity, which is such an important part of learning at any age.

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sample pages of frog life cycle unit study

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butterfly just emerging from chrysalis

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