Weekly Homeschool Wrap-up: Summer weather is coming to an end

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The HOTsummer weather is finally coming to an end here in OK. Our temperatures this week averaged in the low to mid 90’s I think. That’s a far cry from the 1120 we had most of July.

The past few weeks we’ve been mostly doing our paper assignments and not our reading subjects (Science and History). Mr. Bull is really struggling with those right now and so I’m working on ways to make them more hands-on for him so he grasps and understands them better and more thoroughly. There’s nothing more frustrating for me or him, than when he doesn’t recall what we’ve just spent 30 minutes reading.

So, this week and through the weekend I’m working on some projects that will hopefully help us work together better in these two subjects. It probably doesn’t help that I was never fond of Science or History in school. But, thanks to Pinterest again for some GREAT tips and ideas on how to make these two subjects really come alive! I’m also debating on whether to use the CD’s that accompany our History curriculum. Just wondering if hearing it from someone else might help him.

We did take a quick morning trip to our local zoo this week. We were able to listen to a Keeper Chat that we’d not heard before on the Black and White Ruffed Lemur’s. It was very interesting and fun to watch them play and interact.

Baby male jaguar

We saw some baby jaguars born this past April. Oh so cute!!!

The middle of the Anaconda

And the Anaconda was finally back after a long time away in the infirmary getting treatment for an infection on his tail. I know this isn’t a great picture, but it shows how HUGE he is! And it’s the first time we’ve actually seen him swimming around. Usually he’s hiding away somewhere. So that was both gross and fun.

My kiddos

As we were making our way to the front, the older kids stopped to get a picture on an old fashioned wagon. Aren’t they adorable?!

Before we left the house, I made sure to print off a Zoo Bingo sheet and some Fact Finder sheets I made for our own zoo. This way Mr. Bull could search out new facts to find about the animals. Makes it more interesting and fun when you’ve been there so many times (we have season passes).

Spelling practice FUN

To make Spelling practice a little more fun, we’ve tried playing a form of Bananagrams. We keep all the letters turned upright and I tell him a word from the list. Then, he must pick out the letters to spell that word. Each of the words must be connected to another, just as you would in the real game. It changes  things up a bit and Mr. Bull seems like it too!! It’s a win-win!

 Feel free to share you favorite experiment, tip, idea or just a word of encouragement for others who stop by!!



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This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. 90 is cooler, eh? I think I might have to officially stop complaining about our heat and humidity 🙂
    Bananagrams for spelling words is a fabulous idea. We don’t have that game yet, but I bet I could do something similar with Scrabble letters. I know some of my children would prefer this to writing out the words, and it would be great practice.
    btw, that snake is huge!

    1. Compared to 112, 90 is MUCH cooler! haha If I had my wish, I would live somewhere like Colorado!!

      You could easily do the spelling games with Scrabble tiles!! We have several Scrabble games that we play as well. This was just a new and different way to quiz him. He loved it! So we’ll definitely be using it for our next Review week. And yes…that snake is HUGE! I’m sure nothing compared to the wild, but that’s fine. I’ll take seeing it behind glass over the wild any day! lol

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Let’s see — our favorite way to practice spelling is to throw a ball back and forth. When I throw the ball I call out a spelling word and when they catch the ball they have to spell the word — they like trying to stump me with really hard words all the time!

    Your trip to the zoo looks like FUN! I’ve been to the Tulsa Zoo years ago when I was visiting a college roommate in Bartlesville!

    Thanks for linking!

    1. I’ve not tried the ball throwing because, well…Mister Bull doesn’t catch very well! lol But, I have heard of that technique. Miss Priss, however, might love this once she gets a little older. I like the switching off though for them to stump me (you). We might try that to make Bananagrams more fun next time! Great idea!!

      The Tulsa Zoo has changed so much in the past 5 years. They are doing even more still! It’s a bummer that some of the buildings are not open again after reno’s, but we’re patiently waiting! It’s given us a chance to really look at all the animals outside more! And I know exactly where Bartlesville is. In fact, I was very near there a few weeks ago!

      Thanks for hosting!

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